wordpress queries tutorial

Rate this post How to include WordPress connection and functions in custom PHP Always use include( ‘wp-load.php’ ); How to call WordPress database connection in PHP file Always use global $wpdb; How to run in WordPress DB in PHP file Always use $wpdb->query( “SELECT * FROM wp_posts” ); How to run a query and get […]

Why we use AngularJs and Tutorial AngularJs -1

Rate this post Show data without page refresh Inline page validation Allow us to separate our view from website logic Two way data binding Dependency Injection implementation Download Code- Just go to https://www.angularjs.org/  Download any Stable version, try to download latest version only. After download it will be a file name angular.min.js Folder Structure- lib […]

What is .eml format

Rate this post What is .eml format, how to open .eml file .eml is email file extension which is saved in format of MIME RFC 822 standard  by Microsoft Outlook Express How to open .eml file – We can direct open file in outlook express or save files as .mht file format and open on […]