How to add favicon in wordpress

How to add favicon in wordpress
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how to add the favicon in WordPress

If you want to add favicon to your WordPress website, please create your own favicon icon with extension using favicon.ico or you can generate favicon icon using some online free tools like

or Manually

How to Create a “Favicon.ico” File
Create an image 16X16 pixels in size. Yes, it is really small and you can’t really draw much in it. You should also restrict yourself to the standard Windows 16 colours, although I suspect that 256 colours will work fine.

If you like, you can also create a 32X32 pixel icon, which will be scaled to size for the Favorites menu and the location bar. You can even put both 16X16 and 32X32 pixel icons into the same icon file. Windows will use the former for its menus and the latter when the user opens up a folder that is set to display large icons. It’s probably not really necessary to do this if you can’t be bothered.

Save the image as an ICO file (named “favicon.ico”, of course).

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Process 1: Upload your favicon in your WordPress root directory.

The file name should be favicon.ico.
You can upload the favicon using FTP or SSH to the directory where WordPress is installed.
WordPress should recognize the changes have been made will update your Favicon automatically.

Process 2: Use a plug-in

  1. Log in to the administration panel of your WordPress site.
  2. On the left side menu, navigate to Plugins > Add New.
  3. Search for and then install the plug-in titled All in One Favicon (Figure 1).
    Figure 1. All in one Favicon selection.
  4. Upload the Favicon to the frontend and backend of your site and click Save Changes (Figure 2).
    Figure 2. All in one Favicon settings panel.
  5. Refresh the page, and the new Favicon should display.

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Process 3: Edit your theme header.php file

  1. Before uploading, your favicon confirms that  your file name should be favicon.ico.
  2. Using FTP or SSH, upload the Favicon SH to the directory containing the WordPress installation.
  3. Log in to your WordPress Admin Panel.
  4. On the left menu, click Appearance > Theme Editor.
  5. Select the file titled header.php to edit the file.
  6. Locate or add a line of code as  shown in Figure 3.
    Figure 3. WordPress administration panel.
  7. If this line does not exist, add the code within the HTML tags.[ad name=”Video”]


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