Angularjs Training

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for the specially single page application(SPA), open-source library. The main aim of AngularJS course is to teach students how to develop web applications in the fast environment on Model-View-Controller Architecture and decrease the dependence on JavaScript required to functionality web applications. Throughout the course, participants will learn about design and development and various interaction points between them. Participants will also learn how design and development both are aided by AngularJS to form a robust application, and ways and means to create user-friendly and maintainable UI and code.

Why we use AngularJs

  • Show data without page refresh
  • Inline page validation
  • Allow us to separate our view from website logic
  • Two-way data binding
  • Dependency Injection implementation

Download Code-

Folder Structure-

  • lib folder where we can put the angular.min.js file
  • the js folder where we can put app.js (app.js all angular.js code we will put here, like module, the controller
  • index.html which have our view file, in the terms of HTML code and angularjs syntax.


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