How to make WordPress plugin, Custom Plugin

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How to make the plugin in WordPress


Plugin functionality depends on upon your requirements, first, you have to think, why you need plugin, it may possibility plugin will be available on, when you finalize that plugin or similar plugin is not available in market, start thinking about do you need front-ended plugin or back-end plugin or both

Frontend Plugin:

This kind of plugin is used only for front-end manipulation or look and feel basis.

Backend Plugin:

This kind of plugin is used only for backed-end manipulation, like listing of data or any kind of dashboard management.

How to create custom plugin in WordPress

Step:1 folder should be wp-content/plugins
Step:2 create a folder by plugin name
step:3 create a file by plugin name or any kind of file name, like index.php
step:4 write comments in the top of plugin file because WordPress read the comments

After this plugin will show in your dashboard with disable state, you to enable your plugin.

In this tutorial first, I mentioned only basic things for plugin creation, my next tutorial will show how to created your own plugin with some functionality…

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