How to secure your WordPress site from Hackers


Nowadays, there are lots of attack by hacker. Many top Blog got thousands of attacks on their blog daily. If you want to protect your blog from hacker. Then you should follow these basic rules. let’s see how to secure your WordPress site from Hackers.WordPress hackers are very active now a day. If you’re an active […]

Best WordPress Hosting 2017


              I got a good article for readers and found this, this article can change your mind and view before choosing the best WordPress hosting ever. I have painstakingly developed hundreds of WordPress websites over the past few years. And before any of those can ‘go live’, they need to […]

How to avoid admin ajaxphp call as forbidden 403


Enable the “Filter Suspicious Query Strings in the URL” setting and then change the following lines like this in the .htaccess file:

Not a permanent solution but it will help in determining which RewriteCond line is the culprit. I’m putting my money on the second RewriteCond line above because it filters on the string […]

How much does a WordPress website cost: General pricing guidelines and what to look for


  One of the first questions from potential clients who are inquiring about a WordPress website when they call or meet us in person is: How much does a WordPress website cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, considering that each client has different needs and goals, I will try to do […]

Contact form 7 name field validation in WordPress

0 contact form 7 name field validation