Website Design Price List –Noida, Delhi- India

Below is our price list for website development and designing services. We have already made our plans affordable (Rs.2500 or $50) and flexible. If your website don’t fit in any of these plans then kindly Contact Us for a quote.

We have divided our price list based on dynamic (editable) and static (not editable) websites. Static website costs half as of dynamic one because making a website dynamic means creating an admin panel which increases development time. You can use this admin panel to easily manage content of your website. Choose dynamic website (CMS website) if your content will change frequently as this will save you cost in the long run by not paying extra price to any designer for making the changes.

See our price list below:

Budget SilverRs. 25005 PagesNot Editable5 DaysSEO Friendly
Budget GoldRs. 500010 PagesNot Editable7 DaysSEO Friendly
Corporate SilverRs. 50005 PagesEditable7 DaysSEO Friendly
Corporate GoldRs. 1000010 PagesEditable10 DaysSEO Friendly
Corporate DiamondRs. 1500020 PagesEditable15 DaysSEO Friendly
Corporate 2x DiamondRs. 2000030 Pages or aboveEditable20 DaysSEO Friendly

Will I get good website at this much low cost?

After seeing our price list you must be thinking that we compromise in website quality, but that’s not the case. Our price is low because we work as a back office for many foreign companies. We don’t need to spend much on office or front-end because our end-clients never visit us at our place. We regularly work on these companies projects, most of these companies are from UK, US, Australia, Germany, Canada, Singapore and UAE. This means we have experience in designing websites for different culture and genre of customers. You can see our portfolio to check the websites we have designed in the past.

What are the payment terms?

We know that everyone worries when sending money outside their country even if the price is low, that is why we take full payment only after finishing your website, but some advance will be needed to start the work. We finish a project in 3 steps (2 for static website), these steps help us getting your valuable feedback before finalizing everything. This will save both of ours time and helps us meeting your expectations in the first attempt. If changes are needed then we do those until you are satisfied.

What are these steps for development?

1. Designing

We tend to take as much information about the design expectations as possible. You can ask for a complete redesign or small changes if you don’t like a design but after approval no changes will be possible without some extra charges. We will be needing a reference website just to get an idea of what you have in mind with below inputs.

  • What package do you prefer from our price list table?
  • Is there any color theme you favor?
  • Your company logo
  • What general look do you want to achieve? Ex. classy, modern, vintage etc.
  • Target audience details like age, gender, location etc.
  • Device on which your website will be accessed

2. HTMLify

We proceed to this step only after getting approval on the design.

We start making HTML version of the design, with all inner pages. We don’t need any extra comment at this step because most of them would have already been taken in the begining. You can ask for any change in the inner page, what you see as by now is the final face of how your website will look. This is where static website ends, the next step is for dynamic websites only.

3. Development

Now we start making the dynamic features of your website and make admin panel work. If we had given you cost for any CMS like WordPress (WordPress website prices are almost equal to dynamic website) then we will start converting the HTML version to WordPress theme. Any advance feature like shopping cart, online payment, comment or rating etc. will be added in this step and we ask for frequent response on all features. This makes the end product as you expected and there are far less chances of any error or bug.

If you find our web design price list affordable and reliable then please go ahead and contact us for any query.

Web Hosting Price – Indian (Rs.)

Lowest PriceRs.50050 MB space500 MB Bandwidth1 Email0 DBNo cpanel
Medium PriceRs.800100 MB space500 MB Bandwidth1 Email1 DBNo cpanel
Affordable PriceRs.1,0001 GB space1 GB Bandwidth3 Email1 DBNo cpanel
Corporate PriceRs.2,0003 GB space2 GB Bandwidth5 Email2 DBNo cpanel
Cheap Cost WebsiteRs.5,00010 GB space10 GB Bandwidth10 Email5 DBWith cpanel
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